Jennie Rae's opened its doors on December 1, 2005.  Owners, Jeff and Jennifer Baltes,
twenty-something parents of three decided they wanted to open a restaurant that would have
homemade food at a fair price, in a place that people would feel like they were at home.

Thinking the huge homemade breakfast with Jennifer's homemade jam would become the claim to
fame, the Family Fish Fry has quickly brought everyone together on Friday nights.  The
all-you-can-eat Lake Perch and Alaskan Pollock has taken the folks in the area by surprise.  A line out
the door as people wait for their taste of fish, homemade hush puppies and the fixin's has truly made
Jennie Rae's a place "where our family meets yours."

Jennifer not only runs the place, but makes every effort to cook as much as she can.  Her desire is to
make sure everyone leaves full and happy.  Sometimes, after Jeff works all day on their farm in
Rolling Prairie, he swings in to help with maintenance and frying the fish to perfection on Fridays.

Many of their family pitches in.  Mom steps in when needed prepping food and tending to the small
grill, while Jennifer's brother, Jason Clemons holds the title of Marketing Manager and plays host on
Friday nights.  Her cousins Amanda, Dina and Kristen all follow Jennie's lead to make sure Jennie
Rae's standard of quality is met.

Jennifer's homemade Jam is something special.  It comes with just about every breakfast and can be
purchased in jars at the register.  Her homemade pies are also a patron favorite.

Stop in soon.  Jennie Rae's is open 7 days a week from 5:30 am until 2 pm  and until 8 pm on Friday
and Saturday.
Jeff and Jennifer Baltes, owners of
Jennie Rae's  with their three sons.
5201 East US Highway 20
Rolling Prairie, IN 46371
Family Restaurant & Carry-Out
Jimmy the Jam joined the Jennie Rae's family in January of
2006.  Jennie Rae wanted a helper in the kitchen as the
demand for her homemade jam grew.  "I was looking for
someone who knows how to help produce quality jam and
who knows the industry", said Jennie Rae.  "Jimmy knows
jam inside and out."

Together, they made over 600 jars of jam in 2006.  This
doesn't include the homemade jam that is served with
almost every Jennie Rae's breakfast.  Strawberry,
blueberry, cherry, blackberry, red raspberry, peach and
apple cinnamon are some of the flavors.  Jimmy recently
created a Burst 'O' Berry that is quickly becoming a fan

A jar of Jennie Rae's homemade jam cost $5.99 and is well
worth it.  Jimmy was asked what his favorite part about
helping Jennie Rae was and he replied, "she only uses the
freshest fruit and ingredients she can find."

Kids stop in and ask for a Jimmy the Jam coloring page
and Jennie Rae will hang it up at the restaurant for all to